Visionary Heart

Visionary Heart

Elon iMedia “Project for the Public Good” fly-in project based in Matanzas, Cuba.
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Role: Project Manager

  • Coordinated the efforts of six fellow iMedia graduate students both on-site in Matanzas, Cuba and in studio at Elon University to design and deliver a website, documentary-style videos, and an interactive infographic.
  • Wrote interview questions to be asked and filmed while on-site in Cuba.
  • Held daily meetings to establish project status and needs; adjusted project schedule accordingly.
  • Ensured consistency of design elements and theming throughout all aspects of the projects.

Additional tasks:

  • Assisted with web development as needed for troubleshooting and creation of auxiliary features.
  • Designed project logo in collaboration with team members.
  • Arranged and advised in meetings to discuss the website’s information architecture and UI design.
  • Wrote and proofread content for the behind-the-scenes blog.
  • Coordinated audio translation efforts and assisted in identifying appropriate video timecodes for desired statements.

See the behind-the-scenes blog at

Website landing page and primary navigation pages

Navigation Menu Brushstroke Animation

The initial version of the menu animation was drafted on Codepen. Try it below:

See the Pen Brushstroke_Behind_Nav by Katie Jostes (@kjostes_elon) on CodePen.