EVILackey Application Design and Prototype

A screen capture of the interactive prototype made in Adobe XD.

Technology Used:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe XD

Project Goals:

Design and prototype a personal assistant-style app with a specific user group in mind.

The group I chose as the focus for this project was evil villains.

As an assistant to an evil villain, the app was named EVILackey.


A persona was created to inform the needs and goals of a standard user (see below).

Statement of Features

Henchmen Dispatch

A feature which allows for villains to dispatch henchmen teams with specific tasks, locations, and groupings. Villains can also organize their individual henchmen into teams, and can sort/filter their henchmen by ability levels for easier team assignment.

Needs met:

  • Logistical aid for coordinating subordinates
  • Teammaking
  • Comprehensive list of available henchmen
  • Sorting/Filtering of henchmen by abilities

Monologue Guide/Scenarios

A feature where villains can write and save their monologue ideas based on various scenarios. 

Needs met:

  • Organized place to write and access previously written monologues
  • Easy reference for rehearsal or use during a forgetful spell
  • A wide range of scenarios to be prepared for any circumstance.

Evil Plot Progress Tracking

A quick-reference of a villain’s main goal and their progress towards that goal, as well as a means for them to set sub-goals to give them tangible steps on the path towards success.

Needs met:

  • Goal setting
  • Sub-goals
  • Motivation
  • Progress Tracking

Hero Weakness Analysis

A collection of hero profiles and their known weakness, suspected weaknesses, and allies.

Needs met:

  • Information to devise better evil plans and bring about the demise of the heroes that stand in the way of a villain’s goals.

Style Guide

App Features, Information Architecture, and Rough Mockups

Iterating on Mockup Designs and User Flow

Creating High-Fidelity Mockups

Mockups assembled in Photoshop, assets created in Illustrator.

These mockups were then imported to Adobe XD, which was used to create a wireframe/prototype.

This prototype resulted in the video featured at the top of this page.