Hi, I’m Kathryn (Katie) Jostes.

About Me

I’m a creative-yet-realistic problem solver, and I’m not afraid to tackle complex problems that require detailed analysis. I prefer to tackle problems and projects from a bird’s eye view, where I consider what decisions and preparations can be made early on in order to either prevent or lessen any difficulties that may arise.

I have a B.F.A. in Digital Arts with a focus in Interactive Art and a minor in Computer Science from Bowling Green State University (BGSU), which has given me a “make it work” approach to design and development that has proven to be invaluable in an ever-changing technical landscape. I have also earned my M.A. in Interactive Media from Elon University, where I focused on UX-specific skills to truly bring myself to “unicorn” level.

What’s up with the unicorn thing?

When I was looking into UX/UI related roles, I came across this chart from UX collective:

Chart from UX Collective

Based on this chart and my skillset, I could have called myself a UX Engineer. But “Unicorn” is just funner to say, and it opens up my personal branding to take a small-but-meaningful step into “a rainbow threw up all over your screen” territory.

Personal Interests

  • I’m a maker. I draw, sew, bake, papercraft, make jewelry, and I still want to learn more. If I’m not in the process of making something, I usually have at least 3 projects in mind that I’m just waiting for the opportunity to start on.
  • I’m a band and choir geek. Hearing an awesome French Horn part in an orchestra still makes me giddy, and I lock onto harmonies of songs faster than I do melodies because I was always an alto or 2nd soprano in choir. I’m usually behind on what music is popular because I listen to broadway musical, video game, or anime soundtracks more than anything else.

How do you pronounce “Jostes”?

Think “Hostess,” like a lady who takes you to your seats at a restaurant or the company that makes Cupcakes and Twinkies. Switch out the H for a J, and you’ve got it. Jo-stihs.

That being said, I’ll respond to just about any pronunciation or variation on my name under the sun. Trailing off and making a confused face after my first name will usually do the trick, too. Don’t feel bad if you get it wrong.