p5.js Dance Party

p5.js Dance Party

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Made using the p5.js framework, in the p5.js web editor.

Click the arrows to change characters, and use the bottom controls to change, speed up, or slow down the song that’s playing!

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My code can easily be accessed in the project’s web editor page, here.

You can view all of my p5.js sketches here. Beware, this collection also contains sketches that were made while I was learning the platform.

Characters were obtained by finding gifs with transparent backgrounds on gif database websites such as gfycat, and plugging them into this online gif to sprite sheet converter.

Songs used are as follows:

Bonetrousle, From the Undertale Soundtrack, By Toby Fox

Badger song (Badger badger badger , mushroom mushroom), The early 2000s animation sensation, By Jonti Picking

Spooky Scary Skeletons Dance Remix, Remix by The Living Tombstone, Original by Andrew Gold